not yet . . . but I’m about to frog my Sylvi, the yarn is just not working for seed stitch. I choose a 100% acrylic yarn and I learned it will never ever “learn” to stretch/hold the stitches like wool would.
There are a few other things that I would like to change about me sleeves so I would have frogged anyway, like the increases look weird and could have been positionend a little more centered, so that they would have been directly under the arms, now they lean to the back but that’s just a minor issue. The other big thing is I wouldn’t know if the yarn would have been enough.
So now I can just order new yummi yarn, 100% wool/merino, and enjoy it. But before enjoying the new yarn there’s the hard question of choosing a color. I want to order from the “Hamburger Wollfabrik”. They offer to put together your yarn exactly as you want it, how many plies, how much and all onto one skein, so there will be no yarn ends to weave in (happy face) but they also offer about 100 thousand different colors.