wow, times flying, can you believe it’s already August?

let’s see what July was like

1. Happiness is…: fresh fruit when you’re sick, at the beginning of the month I still was chesty .. but meanwhile it’s all good again ^__^

2. Shoes: my favorite summer sandals, fit perfect, bring a smile to my face, love the color

3. Cold: some ice cream, what else? summer heat slowly crept upon us in Germany and living in Berlin you can’t not eat “Florida Eis” which is a local brand and not as sweet as other ice creams .. plus they have a huuuuge range

4. Red, white or blue: now that I read “OR” this would have been a lot simpler, but (and I wasn’t the only one) read “AND” so…

5. Love: this is one of my very first pair of earrings. Haven’t worn them in ages (at least twenty years .. woah I feel old now)

6. Fave smell: all things lemony .. YUMM!

7. Where you are: in the bathroom .. joined by rubber ducky

8. Path: I missed this day, don’t know why

9. 3 things: a crocheter needs: a hook, yarn cutter and sewing needles

10. Smooth: apple pie!! heaven .. I spent the day with a beloved friend (Hi Jana ^__^) and we had a very yummy piece of apple pie

11. I wore this!: earrings, again. but These I wear regularly, I love them, very simple, they go with everything and match my eye color

12. A bad habit: sweets .. anyone who is without sin please cast the first stone.

13. 4 o’clock: on my way to Switzerland and on the train

14. Edible: my first breakfast in Switzerland, I ate the sweet chocolate filled bread role at the banks of Lake Geneva (now you might start to wonder what I was doing there? wait and see)

15. Outside the window: I was in Lausanne to see the Montreux Jazz Festival and this was the view from my hotel room, which had so beautifully working air condition and a super comfy bed

16. Bottle: first night at Montreux Jazz Festival .. I’ve seen Prince and he did marvelous!!!

17. Inspirational: music

18. Number: after being to the festival and on my my way home I made a stopover to see my boyfriend. He was working near Stuttgart that week and the doorway next to his room had 1/1-1/11 written on. The minute I saw the numbers I thought “how cool, only 1’s” but didn’t realize that todays challenge also included numbers, so I asked him to take a picture for me and he .. well he forgot .. so I just wrote them down, I kinda like the dairy thing that this challenge brings

19. Building: my very first thought and my final picture .. a smurf house. I love smurfs, have collected them being a child and always wanted to crochet one amigurumi-style (I even blogged about this plan years ago)

20. Hot: not yet, but soon, chili pepper on my balcony

21. Fave food: now this really depends on the season, but summer, especially July it MUST be strawberries in all shapes and sizes

22. Grey: the floor at a car park and my car

23. I drew this!: some mushrooms .. again this kinda refers to my plans to crochet smurfs, the need houses, like mushrooms. I drew these sketches a couple of months ago, but still haven’t started a single stitch

24. D is for…: me ^__^ and donuts

25. Ground: all the grounds I came across that day, the last one was my favorite .. home

26. The everyday: crochet these days is something I do everyday. And here I finally found a way to join my granny squares more or less invisible .. I felt so damn proud that day

27. Black + white: simple and plain

28. This is new!: sunday, finally seeing my Jay again, and he brought me a little new friend ^__^

29. Perspective: a bench along the way

30. Friendship: can you believe I painted my fingers? friendship is so important and keeps happy and healthy!

31. Workspace: throughout the whole day I was trying different car pictures, the opened trunk but I never liked any of the pictures, then watching the news and the weatherman I remembered a picture I took a couple of days ago .. a bumble bee at its workspace ^__^

have a wonderful August everyone!!
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