my mermaid has a head now, and Gabrielle also has lovely green eyes. Deep like the sea. Did I mention before that her name is Gabrielle? Do you like it?

I made some changes to the body she doesn’t look much different from the side now, but from the front it’s a whole new mermaid, much better shaping, and much closer to what I had pictured. I want to give her a girl like impression, the impression of a teen under the sea, with reddish brown hair and ponytails.
I first went for curly hair and also tried a couple of different curling hairs. I liked the three on the left side the best and also started to crochet her a wig but I soon realized her hair will be too big and I wanted straighter hair. But I love the color, so I will keep it like that

and I got myself a little treat today, the best snack ever!

dried sour cherries