I often get email or comments like this:

“I wondered if you could tell me if you need a certain thickness needle and yarn. Nowhere seems to specify the yarn type or needle type. Are they special for amigurumi?”

“what yarn do you use?”


I found it hard at the beginning as well to determine the right yarn and hook (my very first amigurumi, a lion is 18 inches high, with the same pattern and an E hook I got a lion of “only” 6 inches tall)

so today will be all about yarn – there isn’t THAT much to talk about actually, the basic secret is to get gauge, which means that you try the hook size with the yarn you want to use and see if you like the result.
Most people use an E hook (3.5mm) and yarn that’s supposed for this hook size. I use a cotton yarn called catania from schachenmayr, it is 100 % cotton and a very typical yarn to make potholders from. But you could use about any yarn you like, only keep in mind to have a hook that’s matching gauge given on the yarn, if not a little smaller. Most items I see that are a little out of shape used hooks that were too big for the yarn they used. Also don’t use a hook that’s much too small, you will only break your fingers.
Some people even use thread and very tiny hooks and they get tiny amigurumi of course.
If you stick to the yarn and E hook your dolls will be about 5-7 inches high, depending on the pattern of course. So you can change the size of your doll with the yarn you use (this a neat way to have parental and child amigurumi families =^__^=)

Now grab some yarn and start crocheting, use cotton yarn, woolen yarn, some lovely handpainted yarn, something fluffy, make yourself yarn from plastic bags . . . and have a matching hook at hand

for more information on the essential basics have a look here