Time flies! and it seems like I neglected this blog again, I didn’t plan to, I even planned a few posts (like one about a few autumny cardigans I like and that could be knitted /crocheted quickly OR finally publishing the pattern for Wesley) but somehow life interferred and here I am two weeks later.

I instagrammed a bit and even twittered in case you’re interested. I like instagram quite a bit and post a few pictures a week there, some about knitting and progressing (the knitted picot bind off for this shawl drives me crazy) and some on the adventures of a little bear:

in case you want to have a look at my twitter or instagram I’m @mygurumi on both.

and I squeezed in some reading too! I flew through the first two books of the Divergent Series, Veronica Roth did a great job with these! If you like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games I’m sure you will like this series as well

would you still want the blog posts I mentioned above?

have a sunny day, Diana