My granny blanket is coming to an end – and I feel a weird excited happiness inside me. I grin all the time looking at the squares all laid out on the floor waiting to be crocheted together. And it’s kinda handy I still live on my own – I can lay all eighty squares right onto the floor of my living room, where nobody would could walk now (I jump) so no squares would get into a mess. Arranging them took a couple of hours and one or two nights to let the final arrangement settle on me before I finally started to join them.

all the squares


and what’s making me grin even brighter is, I finally found a way to crochet them all together so nobody would realize, and make it look like a ginormous square that happens to have some flowers on top .. *doing the happy dance*


do you do this too? the happy dance, I mean
crochet hugs, Diana

p.s. I plan a video tutorial on my “invisible joining”