Hey everybody, I’m back, not that I wasn’t back home for about four weeks now, but I’ve been pretty busy, AND I didn’t know where to start after all those non-post-days.

Well London was absolutely fabulous, so amazing, I could write a whole lotta more (I’ve made notes while spending a sunny afternoon at Hyde Park), but lets just keep it there, amazing is not enough to tell you how much I enjoyed the stay

Dear Prince, if you read this, thank you soo much, you’ve made me fall in love with music again, it’s been a pleasure to see you on stage. THANK YOU!

Coming back home, I found the contract for my new job in my mailbox, yeah!
and also started the new job right away, the ‘little’ cough I brought home from one of my roommates was only able to stop me working for one day.
Although it stopped me knitting, coughs aren’t something nice at all!

Did I knit at all?
no!, well I finished my lovesexy shrug the night before going to London, and meanwhile I like it (will post pics soon) even though I was seriously thinking about frogging it at first.
and crochet?
nothing as well, had my crocheting stuff with me, but wasn’t allowed to bring my needles on the plane (I checked before, and guess the stewart just wasn’t sure if I could bring such a dangerous thing on board or not and decided I better not, just in case)
had the idea of a hermit crab, guess I told before, but am now realizing it’s christmas pretty soon and there are orders on my board to be done first

well that’s it for now, will be back soon, promise =)