today I want to share a finished object, yay! 

Ginkgo is off the needles and blocked and already wearing super lovely. 



pattern: Ginkgo shoulderette shawl is written super lovely, worked up beautifully 

started: October, 1st, this year 

finished: November, 10th, also this year ^__^ 

yarn: 100% merino, bought from a local manufactory called Hamburger Wollfabrik. I’ve used a 4ply, which is my favorite. I’ve also tried 2, 3, 6, 8 and 12 ply (on other projects) as you can ask for any number of strands together you want. And the honey color is just beautiful, I find it really makes my eyes pop 

modifications: quite a few actually. First I worked this into a cowl instead of the classic triangular shawl it comes. I will write up some detailed “instructions” in a separate post. I also elongated the lace part a few repeats and skipped the yo’s in favor of increases made from the stitch below in the middle rip. I wouldn’t like a lacy “bone” right in front of my neck. I’d be afraid of wind blowing in and making me freeze. 

overall it came out a lot smaller than my first “shawl into cowl” transformation but it’s still a very decent size and warms wonderfully. 

knitting hugs – Sunday will be the first December and the start of my Advent Calendar – I’m already a little excited, Diana