it’s about time I post my pictures a day for January ^__^ I haven’t been too consistent this last month but I tried to take and post a picture a day so here it comes:

1. Today: it was January the first and I was lucky to spend the morning and a delicious breakfast with friends 🙂

Jan 1: today .. #breakfast with friends .. #happynewyear #fmsphotoaday

2. Something new: to me at least and the very first piece in a bunch to come – my first granny square

Jan 2: something new .. my very first granny square ever .. #fmsphotoaday #crochet

3. Heart: I ♥ my lunch that day, as it was Mousse au chocolat, but now that I think about and especially with Valentines Day around the corner, my Pop heart would have been great too ^__^

Jan 3: heart .. with a smile .. #fmsphotoaday #chocolate

4. The view from here: knitting on the couch

Jan 4: the view from here .. #knitting on the lap .. #fmsphotoaday

5. Movement: & 6. Mine: combined the two: my new decorative elephant sculpture, love it! (I find myself “helping” the one on the left onto the shelve)

Jan 5/6: movement/mine .. pull my friend! Just love my recent purchase .. #fmsphotoaday #elefant

7. Street: being on the road a lot, this is my daily view

Jan 7: #street .. #fmsphotoaday

8. Something beginning with ‘T’: well, a thermometer

Jan 8: something beginning with "t".. #fmsphotoaday #thermometer

9. Paper: I was writing a letter that day (again, but I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture, it was hard enough to write the letter)

10. One o’clock: my lunchbreak, waiting and parking

Jan 10: one o'clock .. at work .. #fmsphotoaday #car

11. Water: I have no idea what happened the day, did it rain? or snow? or was there even sunlight? no clue

12. Surprise: obviously it wasn’t snowing the day before, winter came back on the 12th, what a surprise

Jan 12: surprise .. it's #winter again .. #fmsphotoaday

13. Circle: my candles

Jan 13: circle .. #round'n'round #fmsphotoaday

14. Something yellow: another flower for my granny afghan, this flower is a lot smaller than the first one, but I think I already blogged about it ^__^

Jan 14: something #yellow .. #crochet #flower .. #fmsphotoaday

15. An ordinary moment: painting my nails, I was about to join a work conference the next day, and of course a girl wants to be pretty

Jan 15: an #ordinary #moment .. painting #nails .. #fmsphotoaday

16. Two things: my night lectures on the hotel bed, my kindle and a notebook

Jan 16: two things .. #fmsphotoaday

17. Ready: that’s what we usually get to eat at such conferences – all the healthy stuff, you can see the pickles in the picture? can you?

Jan 17: ready .. for some #yumm .. #fmsphotoaday #nofilter

18. Shadow: I must have been too tired or too busy, one or the other

19. Delicious: a mars bar, haven’t had one in ages!

Jan 19: #delicious .. #fmsphotoaday

20. Something you saw: sunday movie time: Under the Cherry Moon, the BESTEST Prince movie ever!


21. What you do: one could think I ship the sea, but I actually don’t .. I work as a sales representative for a medical company and therefore see a lot of the country, on that monday it was a frozen river


22. Corner: my new DVD/CD corner

Jan 22: corner

23. Electric: speaks for itself, doesn’t it? (taken in my bathroom)

Jan 23: electric .. #bath #fmsphotoaday

24. Stripes: on the inside of my winter hat

Jan 24: stripes .. my #hat .. #fmsphotoaday

25. Landscape: snow, everywhere

Jan 25: landscape .. #fmsphotoaday  #nofilter #winter

26. Together: working on a Saturday is only fun when you’re working together, we’re a great team

Jan 26: together .. #teamwork #fmsphotoaday

27. Sun: I guess that has been the only day that month that didn’t include a single ray of sunlight, depressing, althought the day itself was fun, I drove to Rostock to see some of my old friends and have a late christmas party 🙂

Jan 27: sun .. #missed #fmsphotoaday

28. Through: the ice on my windscreen I could see darkness (very early morning picture, but that’s how I roll) ^__^

Jan 28: through .. made it #through #winter .. looking through #iceflowers on the #windscreen .. #fmsphotoaday

29. Grow: a few days ealier I checked what my very first picture on instgram was and it was this photo, which happened to be perfect for a “grow” pic.. nature always finds its way


30. Down: looking down

Jan 30: down .. #fmsphotoaday

31. Yourself: well, it’s me

Jan 31: #myself .. #fmsphotoaday

that was my month, I hope yours were as colorful as mine and that February will be even better,
hugs Diana