I started and finished a cowl.

Right now I am looking for another knit. Something smaller, at least in the beginning, that I can carry around, take on trips. So I’m shopping my stash and find not only a surprisingly good amount of yarn to choose from, but also more WIPs. not-fair. I thought I listed all in my last busted post. But no, there is also the mini hexagon table cloth I started about a year ago and the dotted rays by westknits, which I realize just now I never shared before. Although that one was quite a bitch! Beautiful knitting but the yarn I chose, oh no. I went with a Zauberball and ended up cutting all the colors apart so I can have a nice gradient instead of a strange mix of colors. I never finished because I ran out of the Zauberball and needed to go through my stash to find a matching dark brown. Well I’ve done that now, so I guess it won’t be long until I finish that one too.

This whole “finishing all the UFOs and started projects” in this house actually works for me. I’m normally not a big checking-things-off-of-lists-person but with this projects it’s working. I see myself by the end of the year to have a post with only finished objects listed. I’m going to love that post 🙂

yarn ideas for new shawl

So for now I’m trying to decide which gradient I’m going to knit the shawl Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry with, because that’s what I’m hoping to cast on tonight. What you think? the pink/rose or the rusty orange/red at the end?

I’m slightly more in love with the pink idea..


Sunday hugs, Diana