this granny square thing!

although I was thinking: one blanket will be enough for a while, quite a while! these squares will bore me soon. they aren’t! not at all, I’m thinking about another blanket, a whitish one, I know how weird this is (again!), these squares are addicting! I have a silk yarn on cones, that I was about to through away since it was rock hard when washed and didn’t knit properly as well. it was sitting in the corner of my living room, for months! and now I look at it and see it crocheted into squares, tons of squares, all different, except the color, all beigy…and to fulfill my plan I ordered pattern books..

new granny square books

so far I’ve just peeked through all the books and already found a few squares I like, I do see this blanket in my mind already, although it will be an on-and-off-project for the next couple of months because I also see a few amigurumis in the near future..
are there any squares you recommend? anyones you tested and found to be amazing? would you like to have some sort of crochet-along with me? like sharing the squares we’ve made throughout a week or a month?

let me know,
♥ Diana