welcome follow knitters 🙂 I enjoy you being here. If you have any questions post a comment or leave a message on ravelry because it’s the first time ever I write down a knit pattern, so any help is welcome 🙂

but now let’s cast on. I prefer anatomical toes, I have no idea why (in fact I never tried normal toes) maybe I only like the idea of a sock especially for my left foot and one especially made for my right foot 🙂 plus they feel pretty good on the feet.

To cast on I use 2.25 mm needles and the Judy Becker magic cast on, I like it alot and it creates a very neat beginning and to have anatomical toes I use this chart:

this one’s for one foot only, just mirror the increases for the other foot. If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

I will work both socks at a time using the magic loop technique with 2 needles.

In total we will cast on 54 stitches.

If you prefer different toes please knit your favorite version – only make sure you have 54 stitches divided on two needles at the end.

added: a little pictures of my toes 😉