well the title today is not very inventive but it does the job, today there’s more waterfalls and bubbles.

I made real good progress on my waterfall stockings, can’t believe how quickly this knits, I am close to the ankle now, so all that’s left is a little sock and believing all you sock knitters, socks knit even faster! woohoo! nearly something to wear! Plus I am really astonished on how cool it is to magic loop. Both Stockings at once, no second sock syndrome, on the other hand if I had done these on DPNs I could model at least one finished stocking right now, one stocking and a calf.

Why am I reminded of cows?

whatever, the bubbles

just something cool I made a picture of yesterday at work, some of my cell growing medium was all bubbly (never shake things that don’t like shaking) and I put it under the microscope

this is what I saw (plus some photoshop to add color)