I’m still sooo amazed and excited with my camera, just to start off.

The other day a friend of mine asked me if I would recommend my camera (yes). He has an older Lumix version and is thinking about getting a new one. Maybe the LX100.

He had several questions, like

– is it “handy” enough? so I guess, small, easy/fast to use, maybe with one hand only..

– is it fast enough?

– is it clear enough, picture quality, lighting..

– does it make great videos?

(if you click any of the pictures it should get you to flickr, where you can see them larger)

palm leave           bnw people photography

so, yes I totally would recommend it, I meanwhile have a photogroup, we meet every Saturday and I join as often as possible. In case you follow my instagram, you’ll see a few of these expedition photos from time to time. And what I get from this is really a miracle – this camera makes pictures like I’ve rarely seen before. The quality, the colors are so beautiful. What I love about it is exactly this quality, on focus more or less every time, fast in catching moments, the colors – deep/saturated/well balanced – just speak for themselves. I still use more or less the same settings I’ve talked you through in my first post about the LX100, although I mainly use the “high key” (for extra brightness), the “low key” (for great saturation) or the “dynamic black and white” (for the most stunning contrast bnw). And with this my pics have a definition/clarity I had missed in older cameras.

Plus all this without spending time at the computer afterwards to create this clarity. It’s just there!

CSD Berlin 2017 man dancing          depth of field example

is it handy enough?, I definitely will say yes here. It’s small, I can operate it with just one hand. I need to add, I have womens hands – of course lol – and I’ve seen men use the camera and they felt this difficult, a few buttons for them were too close together. I guess this is also something you get used too, I recognized they held the camera much different than I would, so maybe it depends.

I have the Lumix on me basically every day, simply in my backback or a small purse, so for sure easy to carry around.

The lid for the lens is a bit of a hassle though, for longer shootings I prefer to undo it completely, most often it dangles to the right side, where I can hold it out of the way with the same hand I operate the camera with.

leave on red car          bnw people photography

is it fast enough? this is a +/- situation. I’ve recognized the camera gets slow whenever I have more than 300 pictures on the SD card.

When taking pictures the camera is fast, fast enough for my taste. With playing with ISO etc I definitely get what I want w/o any blurriness or such things.

BUT the camera takes a few seconds longer than I wished when starting from “off” to “on” and whenever I want to check / view my taken pictures.

Here is definitely a lot of room for improvement. My (personal) improvement will be in getting a new, faster SD card. As I often see the “saving” icon when shutting down the camera or as written above it takes a while to get into “view” mode – I believe this might be a crucial point.

Summing up, while taking pictures and also switching from video to picture mode works fast enough. But checking the content of the card takes time.

Berlin sad dog 2017          Amsterdam cat sleepy 2017

does it make great videos? I don’t use this function very often and in most cases only in good weather conditions, like holidays, see below a video from my recent trip to Amsterdam, filmed from a boat, I held the camera in my hand supported by the hand rail. It was super windy that day, so sound is windy too.

What I like that it stays with the settings I had used before (so light, filter etc)

The sound quality is okay, but I guess with a microphone will be better, or at least more stereo/clear.

so overall, yes the lumix is a keeper and a clear recommendation.

For filming I would need to try it a few more times to give you (and me) a better picture 😉

hugs Diana


bnw people photography          red poppy on bnw field