first things first, I’m not a professional review writer, I have no “professional” idea on the deep technologies of a camera, nor am I sponsored. I’m just a girl who likes to take pretty pictures, has used cameras for as long as she can remember (I’m not saying a number here, cause I don’t wanna feel old) and recognises great photography when she sees it.

So I come from DSLR, last two cameras where Nikon. I loved those, the pictures they made where awesome, but guess what, with mobiles being able to snatch good pictures on the go, nowadays I never had a Nikon in my bag. So the “real” picture taking was only special occasions with a big and heavy camera. And eventually the fire burning inside of me forgreat photos was getting smaller and smaller with the last 5 or so years.

In October I’ve been on a photo tour and the spark was a fire again. Hell ya!

in the woods - impressions

in the woods – impressions


Do I love the Lumix? – yes, clear yes. it’s always in my backpack, I’ve got a second battery meanwhile, which makes things even easier.

The LX100 is easy to handle and pretty intuitive coming from DSLR (Nikon in my case)

What I like – is the nice, sturdy “heavy” feeling to it. You can feel the weight in your hands, the leather grip on the right makes it feel very smooth in the hand. Feeling secure. Another plus is having all the dials in thumbs reach. (right thumb)

lumix lx100 top view

It’s very light weight overall, having it dangling over your shoulder/neck you don’t feel it like you would a DSLR, which becomes a heavy sucker after a while. It’s also small enough to fit your bag/handbag easily. Yet not so small it would be a real pocket camera, a jacket with bigger pockets certainly yes, regular – no. As I said, I have it on me everyday.


My favourite settings – I’m having the aperture ring either on A (automatic) or 1.7. Actually 1.7 more recently, I like the little bit of bokeh/depth of field I can achieve with it easily.

The shutter speed dial (big one on the left) is always set to A too. Except when it’s night, then I switch it to “8” as I’ve found it allows enough light in to make a clear and sharp pictures even in dark environments.

bnw with shutter speed set to 8, at night

bnw with shutter speed set to 8, at night

The filters (mini button on the top right), oh these are amazingly gorgeous!!! When I started I was mainly switching between “toy pop”, “dynamic monochrome” and “high dynamic”. They give that extra deep colours, that sharp black’n’white and that clear normal.

filters: toy pop, dynamic bnw, high dynamic - all Berlin impressions

filters: toy pop, dynamic bnw, high dynamic – all Berlin impressions


In the first days I was also often trying the [iA] button, but meanwhile I’m only using the filters.

For knitting pictures I like “high key” a lot!, it gives me that clear colours and the bright background. And to my surprise it also allows pretty good pictures on those dark winter afternoons when all you have is artificial light. This one is one of my favorites.

hey key on mittens, a bicycle, a close up of a paiting

hey key on mittens, a bicycle, a close up of a paiting


“high key” and “low key” are also very handy for other indoor pictures, like churches:

Asam church, Munich

hey key vs low key

Another major hit button on the camera is the exposure compensation dial (big one on the right). This one is worked constantly and for every picture. I don’t like using a flash light, never have. And this button just allows me to add more or less light to a picture. Brilliant! It’s always in reach of thumb and can be beautifully used when you use one of the filters (not when in iA mode).


For macro effects or sharp/high contrast in the front and a blurry back I like to use the zoom: zoom to max, step back to get the shot you want (and being able to focus as it actually errors on you when you are too close now) and shoot. bam

another option: manual focus, switch to be found on the left side of the lens, zooming in mm by mm until focus is pinpoint where you want it

close up - macro - basil blossoms

close up – macro – basil blossoms

other Pros – the LX100 is perfectly fine handled with just one hand (handy in case you have a coffee in the other)

Switching between screen and viewfinder is easily done with pressing Fn3 (three options: screen only, switch when getting close to viewfinder and viewfinder only)

lumix lx100 back


To RAW or not to RAW – well, the options you have with RAW are intriguing, and with the first SD card /900 pictures I used the seeting to give you raw and jpeg. But I won’t sit on my laptop and edit the pictures afterwards. I used to do that a lot in the past, but right now I love the features the camera comes with and jpeg is enough for me. For a more specific shoot I would switch back to raw plus jpeg. Until then jpeg alone is more than enough for me. Also makes the camera quicker and gives more storage space. Regarding “quicker” yes I did see a difference between the camera working with raw compared to w/o

Another awesome thing is the wifi connection and the link to my mobile. I use this a lot to share pictures with friends but more often to post them to instagram or download them easily to upload to the blog. Very handy option, that I didn’t know from my former cameras. There’s an app for that from Panasonic for your mobile.

Speaking of instagram, there’s a ‘aspect ratio selector switch’ on the lens ring which allows you to switch between 3:2, 16:9, 1:1 and 4:3. The 1:1 obviously is useful.


What I don’t like – so far only one thing. The camera or rather the software seems to freeze quite often. Often might sound a lot right now, and it’s not that much of a deal but still. Sometimes when connecting the LX100 to the mobile with the special app the whole system stops. So neither the app is working nor the camera. I’m not sure if the error maybe is the app, but taking out the battery does the trick. All in all it’s a quick repair, so it’s okay for me.

EDIT: There are two options to go wifi with the camera. So far I’ve always used the QR-code to connect the LX100 with my phone, and caused some freezing here and there. About a week ago I’ve found that the LX is actually creating a wifi network of its own (I saw this before but was always at home when connecting hence never used this option) and when you connect your mobile to the network of the camera it seems to work much smoother. Didn’t have it freeze once – but I’ve only used this option for about a week, so I’ll keep you updated.


Summarising – I would definitely buy the LX100 again. I can only say I’m extremely happy with it and love every picture I make.


smile (Cheese, Whiskey) 🙂 Diana

first two: toy pop - third: expressiv

first two: toy pop – third: expressiv