Mommy finally made eyes for me, I am the happiest hermit crab around the whole baltic sea, yeah!, can you see me jump for joy, juppidoodaa.
aren’t they beautiful? my cute eyes?, I love them plus I can see clearly now (couldn’t resist the pun ^_^)

Also mommy send out the pattern for me to test crochet, so pretty soon you can make me too, or make me friends, or . . . or just play with me.

Also let me say a few words about my petrol colored razor vest thing: I’m stuck. I would like to start the collar shaping but have no idea how to do this. The collar would start in the middle of a row, so I would bind off a few stitches and continue the row as usual BUT since the row marker is under the arm it means that when turning my work to continue flat I would have to purl my lace pattern and I don’t have a clue how to make this work. Also I don’t like the idea of placing the stitches of the back on holders so I would make the collar shaping for both sides before starting on shaping for armholes. I guess I need to try this on other yarn before going back to my vest, but if any of you has an idea for better solution, let me know.
desperate Me