Thank you so much for this Anna πŸ™‚

A few days ago a lovely comment reached me saying I got the Liebster Award, I feel honored and blushing.
There are a few things the awarded blogger has to fulfill :

Visit at least three blogs that were awarded as well – check

Follow the blog of the person which awarded you – check, as I already did that πŸ™‚

Explain 11 things about you – okay:
* I take notes on my wrist to remember important stuff
* I dye my hair red since I was 15
* I could never live without a bathtub, even though I prefer taking showers
* I love pasta, I could eat it all day, ALL day
* I love my freckles
* the best thing about autumn is rustling through leaves
* the best thing about winter is the noise you make when walking on fresh fallen snow
* I have one brother
* I did my diploma in biology
* I love to sing in the shower and I think I do a pretty decent job at it
* I wanted to become an astronaut when I was a kid

Answer the 11 questions about yourself – okidoki:
* How do you define yourself? balanced.
* What is your favorite dish? pasta, have said it once will say it again.
* Would you rather cook or you cook? I cook, I quite like it, only thing I don’t like about cooking as cleaning up afterwards.
* What’s your favorite dessert? anything with chocolate or strawberries, even though chocolate covered strawberries don’t really float my boat.
* If you had to stay with an ingredient, what would it be? Tomatoes! what a silly question ^__^ what on this planet is better than tomatoes?
* What is the best trip you’ve done? Berlin, at the moment it is the trip I take right now.
* What is the best restaurant you’ve eaten in? my moms kitchen, no restaurant can top my moms kitchen.
* Do you prefer meat of fish? a tough one… I rarely eat any, but like both equally…if I need to choose, I guess meat will win.
* What is your favorite cheese? parmigiano reggiano!
* Black or milk chocolate? a dark milky chocolate.
* What is the worst dish you tried? a soup made from potato peels, mew.

Choose 11 blogs and name in the post – here you go:
threadpanda I’ve just found this blog a few weeks ago through my ravelry friends blogs and love it already
knitted bliss is very inspiring and I love her modification mondays, awesome
knit and tonic I just love reading this blog, such a lovely way to write
limescented takes you on a ride with knitting, it’s wonderful
according to matt takes awesome photos and his blog is one of the most colorful I’ve seen
canaryknits if you’re looking for inspiration, you need to check her out!
schnueffeltier very sweet! I love her resolutions and lists, she’s so organized
foodwishes do I need to keep this to craftiness? well isn’t cooking craftiness as well, foodwishes is a wonderful place, even though I mostly check into his youtube instead of his blog
smitten kitchen recently made pasta with a broccoli pesto, looks delight, but pasta isn’t the only reason why I like this blog so much
that is all no it’s not, not yet. Ashley is a beauty blogger and I enjoy her view on things
Essie Button EstΓ©e is such a sparkling personality! you will love her too