wow, it seems like you really like Berti, which I now name Morgan (Batman). After sewing on the eyes I couldn’t see a Berti any longer, my bat was a little more grown up, if you know what I mean.


Anyways, Morgan seems like an attention seeker ^__^ as I can see quite a lot of you reading the original post. Thank You! I finally made the pattern into a pdf now, so it’s easier to download and print and work from your computer.


If you make a bat of your own I’d love to see it, either on ravelry or just leave me a link to your blog use the #morganbatman when sharing your pictures on social media.

Thank you ^__^ and Happy Crocheting.


It's done! #amigurumi for #halloween

5,00 USD (+ taxes if applicable)

for the abbreviations I use in this pattern please read here


#morganbatman is worked in classic amigurumi style, which means in a long spiral round, never join a round after finishing one. Also I like my amigurumi to be worked through both loops (whereas I know couple fellow amigurumi makers who prefer the back loop only). So do whatever you like best.


Size | yarn | hook

I used catania yarn from Schachenmayr and my beloved 3.5 mm hook. My bat(man) has about 25 cm wingspan.

So, your little pumpkindle will be the size you choose, go with bigger yarn and a bigger hook and you will get a bigger one. If you decide to go smaller, of course your pumpkindle will be smaller, as easy as this right?


Easy or difficult?

Well, I would think intermediate. I write my patterns stitch by stitch, quite similar to knitting patterns actually. If you are familiar with my patterns you might think this is easy, as you only need the classic single crochet and slip stitch throughout most of the pattern. But it takes concentration so I think intermediate is quite fair ^__^


Final tip!!

use a stitch marker! I never give stitch count at the end of a round. All stitches are written to reach the end of the row. So if you are left with stitches before you reach the end please check you stitches.

I love to use a small piece of scrap yarn (I prefer pearl yarn, it stays unfuzzy pretty long) for marking my rounds. Another plus with scrap yarn, they don’t bulk the stitches around them and I can always choose a contrasting color.


Sooooo, #morganbatman – the pattern:


make two:

1 – – make a slip knot and chain 7 with a slightly smaller hook than you normally would like to crochet with

2 – – now use the hook you normally crochet with and starting in 2nd chain from hook: sc5, m3 in last chain, continue on the other side of the loops of the starting chain and sc4, m2, place a marker and continue to work in a round – – (short: sc5, m3, sc4, m2)

3 – – m2, sc5, sc2tog, sc5, m2

4 – – m2x2, sc5, sc2tog, sc5, m2

5 – – sc2, m2, sc5, sc2tog, sc6, m2

6 – – sc2, m2, sc6, sc2tog, sc6, m2

7 – – c3, m2, sc15

8 – – m2, sc2, m2, sc16

9 – – sc1, m2, sc2, m2, sc17

10 – – sc24

11 – – sc4, m2, sc19

12 – – sc5, m2, sc11, m2, sc7

13 – – sc6, m2, sc20

14 – – sc20, m2, sc7

15 – – sc6, m2, sc14, m2, sc7

16 – – sc22, m2, sc8

17 – – sc7, m2, sc15, m2, sc8

18 – – sc25, B6, sc8

19 – – sc8, m2, sc16, sc2tog, sc7

20 – – sc24, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc5

21 – – sc25, sc2tog, sc5

22 – – sc31

23 – – sc9, sc2tog, sc14, m2, sc5

24 – – sc9, B3, sc14, m2 x2, sc5

25 – – sc7, sc2tog x3, sc13, B6, sc6

26 – – sc6, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc10, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc4

27 – – sc5, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc9, sc2tog x2, sc3

28 – – sc4, sc2tog, sc1, sc2tog, sc7, sc2tog x2, sc2

29 – – sc5, sc2tog, sc6, sc2tog x2, sc1

30 – – sc12, sc2tog, sc1

31 – – sc14

32 – – sc14

33 – – sc10

BO with a slip stitch, leave tail to sew to body | you don’t need to stuff the wings


Head | Body

1 – – make a dr with 6 sts

2 – – m2 x6

3 – – (m2, sc1) x6

4 – – (sc2, m2) x6

5 – – sc1, (m2, sc3) x5, m2, sc2

6 – – (m2, sc4) x6

7 – – sc3, (m2, sc5) x5, m2, sc2

8 – – sc42

9 – – (m2, sc6) x6

10 – – sc48

11 – – sc4, (m2, sc7) x5, m2, sc3

12 – – sc9, (m2, sc17) x2, m2, sc8

13-16 – – sc57

17 – – sc4, (sc2tog, sc13) x2, sc2tog, sc13

18 – – (sc2tog, sc7) x6

19 – – sc3, (sc2tog, sc6) x5, sc2tog, sc3

20 – – (sc2tog, sc5) x6

21 – – sc2, (sc2tog, sc4) x5, sc2tog, sc2

22 – – (sc2tog, sc3) x6

23 – – sc1, (sc2tog, sc2) x5, sc2tog, sc1


24 – – (sc2tog, sc1) x6

25 – – sc2tog x6

BO with a slip stitch



with white

1 – make a double ring with 6 sc

2 – m2 x6

3 – m2, hdc1, m2dc x3, hdc1, (m2, sc1) x3

4 – sc1, m2, sc1, hdc1, m2dc x4, hdc1, m2, sc1, BO with slip stitch

dark pupil color (maybe the same color you used for the wings?)

1 – – make a dr with 8 hdc, BO with a slip stitch

and finally the ears



1 – – chain 5 with smaller hook

2 – – sc3, m3, sc2, m2 with normal hook and continue in the round

3 – – m2, sc3, sc2tog, sc3, m2

4 – – m2 x2, sc3, sc2tog, sc3, BO with a slip stitch


to assemble, sew ears and wings to the sides of the body and eyes to the front – use pictures as guide, it’s not so difficult I would think ^__^
you can also embroider teeth, I’m still thinking about this myself

hugs Diana


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