I don’t really know what to post about since I found knitting in the round pretty non-spectacular lately and making sleeves is knitting in the round. But nevertheless I made some nice progress: started the sleeves with my new green yarn and it feels absolulty gorgeous, but it’s knitting not so nice, the yarn is not plied so it’s more or less like holding 12 strands of yarn together, but it works out pretty nice, it slows me down but knitted it looks beautiful.

So what did I do this time? I changed from 2*2 ribbing to 1*1 ribbing on the new yarn, I think it matches better with the seed stitch. Also I changed needle size to 7mm needles to get close to gauge. And, maybe the most important thing, I increased to the full width fo the sleeve right at the beginning. This way I could do all the increases within the ribbing and not within the seed stitch (I found it looks weird, maybe because of the biiiig stitches, but I don’t really know). So now I have these musketeer-like sleeves, you know tight cuff and wide sleeve. I also made some rows of seed stitch before I added a leave motif, this way it will show off at the back of the sleeve and won’t hide itself in the bending of the beginning of the sleeve. The leave motif is one I found on the hood of the pattern. I only changed the increases to cabling and cabled instead of decreasing (I could have just made purl and knit stitches to create a leave but I found the shaping of it very adorable) and due to the fact that I don’t increase, which means I don’t have yarn overs in the middle of the leave I added 4 single purl stitches to give some texture to the motif, pure stockinette looked a bit boring.