most of the time this last month I was ill in bed. I reached very high when the universe asked who wanted to have a cozy little summer flu. Nevertheless, feeling like a walking dead didn’t stop me from taking some pictures.. here we go, my June:

1. B is for…: Berlin! the city I live in, isn’t she beautiful?

2. A moment: in every crocheters life, and so in mine, making the last stitches in a granny square..

3. On my table: is my favorite sweet: Maoam!. I have no idea if this internattionally known stuff, but I like sweets like these .. I have a very sweet tooth in general, but this kind makes it water more than other sweets

4. After dark: well, the sun just set, it’s the view from my balcony

5. Environment: being at work, traveling, today my environment was a small city called Schwedt, it’s quite nice there

6. Transport: well, a car (found in an Überraschhungsei/ a kinder surprise)

7. Bright: papaver .. they bloom everywhere this time of the year, I love it!

8. An animal: my co-driver ^__^

9. From down low: the Berlin poplars are blooming at the moment, which makes certain areas look like winter, all white, I tried to capture a little of that magic in this picture

10. You!: well .. no idea why there’s no picture, I guess I just didn’t find the time?

11. Something funny: all day I was thinking about this, quite hard actually, but nothing funny crossed my way, until I parked at home and right in front of me there was this dark purple car, a Trabbi express, weird

12. 11 o’clock: pm, I usually read, in June I was reading Drachenseele by Angela Planert, I wouldn’t recommend it, It didn’t rock my socks, but it was a nice, fluid read, I need to admit it

13. Kitchen: in my kitchen I have a cookie jar..

14. Texture: on the road again, I saw a few textures, the strawberries I ate in the car, the roof of my hotel, the octopus tentacles we had for dinner

15. From above: I’ve been on a little congress over the weekend which was at the baltic see. I also went to see my sortof hometown Rostock and then suddenly from above there came a super storm

16. Family: this is always hard for me, I don’t have my family with me in Berlin..

17. Centered: one of my favorite and sooo simple summer dishes: sweetheart cabbage sauted with mango (and salt and pepper)

18. Street: hmm, it must have been empty ^__^

19. Currently reading: as I’ve already shared my currently read book (at 11 o’clock) I read the city mag with some icecream on the balcony, heaven!

20. Cute: and the flu got me! I had pretty high temperature and it also was the hottest day of the year so far .. the cutest thing that happened that day was the thunderstorm that cooled the air quite noticeable

21. Lunchtime: a light lunch, some pasta with pesto. being ill doesn’t mean you couldn’t eat properly right?

22. Enjoying life: my first visitor .. sweetheart brought me flowers .. he’s such a romantic sometimes

23. Last: piece of cake, rainbow cake in particular. my favorite cake when I was little

24. Negative space: according to fatmumslim, who started this challenge negative space is to have a lot of space around your photographed object, here a strawberry

25. Sharp: a knife would have been to simple, right? so no picture

26. Empty: an empty box of strawberries, the only good thing about being ill was, that I was able to get my hands on my favorite strawberries (They’re coming all the way from my home area and are always already sold out when I get home from work)

27. Into the sun: on the balcony, a shot through my basil into the bright sky

28. Red: and on my balcony there are also some red eyed flies sitting on my mint

29. In my bag: sweetheart came by to have breakfast with me, he found heart shaped whole grain bread rolls, isn’t that the cutest bread roll you’ve ever seen?

30. Handwriting: a very simple but effective way to make new friends 🙂

and with this I’m leaving you for today, have a wonderful week friends ^__^

p.s. I guess this month will be filled with lots of updates on my flower granny blanket, I make good progress at the moment