so Nemo got finished and packed and shipped just in time to arrive at its new home. He is being loved very much already, I received a call yesterday telling me Nemo is being soaked up in saliva by its 6-month-old daddy now. So cute.

I didn’t have the time to take proper pictures unfortunately but I’ll share the crappy mobile pics I have ^__^



In the end I enjoyed making him a lot, even though I still find working on order to be very very hard for me. I just can’t find enough motivation finishing things.
Meanwhile I think about posting the pattern here, I hesitate because of copyright, which of course is not mine, even though I made the pattern from scratch the figure “Nemo” is owned by pixar. Well, a little more thinking on this side. In case any of you designers read my blog, do you have experience in such a case?

crochet hugs,


lol, now that I read this again, saliva sounds very technical, so babys saliva isn’t saliva right? I mean technical it is, but what do you say? spittle? drool?, just wondering