well, I had milk for breakfast it’s just that this song was in my head ever since early morning. Today I’m in Hannover on a congress, tomorrow as well. I just wanted to keep you updated. I made some progress on Sylvi, but I’m not finished yet because I needed to forbid myself to knit! Why? you ask?, because I needed to crochet and get some christmas presents finished that were custom orders. A cute yellow seahorse, a turtle and the blue fish you saw on the Sylvi swatch are going to Berlin to make three little people happy. And not knit was quite a torture! Believe me, because you need to know that I woke up on last sunday morning at half past five (!) with Sylvi on my mind and how to shape the back, waist section.
Also something very cute happened this morning when I was hanging around the main station waiting for my train to arrive: a lady asked me if I were from Rostock (which I am) and if I wanted to be the “face of the day” tomorrow (which I said yes to). So tomorrow there will be a picture of me in the local newspaper with some info on my job, that I was on my way to this congress and also that I crochet creatures. Really made me smile!
and super duper as well: I get to stay at a friends, we’re going to chat and have wonderful diner (fish plate). We haven’t seen each other for a couple of month.

see you tomorrow with pictures of dolls and green Sylvi and newspapers