a lovely reader (Hi Anna ☺) asked for easy/quick to make autumn cardigans or sweaters, so I thought instead of just sending her a few links I answered in form of a blog post. I looked at my ravelry queue and found a few lovely things, both knitted and crochet:

when it comes to clothing I prefer knitting but I found a few crochet pieces as well. Knitting quicker to me screams BIG needles aka hooks, the bigger the stitch the less stitches you need, the quicker you see results. Personally I like app. 4mm needles the best. I don’t know what mystery it is that makes even bigger needles knit slower. (maybe it’s the more movement you need to put into a single stitch? I don’t know..)

Also something that doesn’t require assembling will be finished a lot faster than something that does (I still have a cardigan sleeping in a box somewhere that I started about six years ago, if not longer, I “only” need to sew the arms to the body but it seems an impossible task to do). So going top down is a good choice.

1 Liesl is a pretty simple top down lace cardigan, with 3 buttons and no assembling I enjoyed making it a lot.

2 featherweight cardigan a very sleek design, simple and joyful, yet quick warm enough for chilly autumn days

3 Rocky Coast Cardigan I love the stitch pattern on this one, texture and a little bit “boyfriend” style

4 Goodale this design is very clever and elegant I think. the “pockets” on the front make it something special. Plus I think with longer sleeves it will look very cute too, maybe half arm?

5 driven maybe this is the bigger sister of Goodale, with its longer arms it seems thicker and warmer overall

6 Whisper Cardigan airy! I think with Whisper the name says it all, a whisper in the leaves of autumn trees

7 Tempest a very classic cardigan design, I love the stripes and the design is very clever and will make the stockinette not boring as well (also watching the stripes grow is lovey to trick your mind to knit more a day)

the next three are crochet:

8 Esmee the deep V neck and the lacy crochet make this look fabulous. I love the color as well!

9 Chevron lace Cardigan it reminds me of Liesl, only crochet, very pretty

10 Hourglass jacket it’s tunesian crochet, so maybe not the quickest, as you might need to learn the technique first (I certainly would) but it looks so pretty

and last but not least, I found this lovely cardigan in my blog-roll yesterday: it’s the wildflower-cardigan, it has such cute details on the front pockets

I hope you liked my little selection and found it helpful, if only I could decide what to make first (reminds herself to finish something!!)

autumny hugs, Diana