do you remember this?

Ana asked me about the pattern for it, so here you go:
horn 1 – make a double ring with 5 sc
2 – m2, sc4
3 – sc1, m2, sc4
4 – sc1, m2 x2, sc2, sc2tog
5 – sc2, m2, sc5
6 – sc3, m2 x2, sc3, sc2tog (from now on the decreases will always cross the first stitch of the new/next round, don’t worry, just start the new round after the decrease like nothing happend)
7 – sc3, m2, sc6
8 – sc4, m2 x2, sc4, sc2tog
9 – sc4, m2, sc7
10 – sc5, m2 x2, sc5, sc2tog
11 – sc5, m2, sc8
12 – sc6, m2 x2, sc6, sc2tog
13 – sc6, m2, sc9
14 – sc7, m2 x2, sc7, sc2tog
15 – sc7, m2, sc10
16 – sc8, m2 x2, sc8, sc2tog
17 – sc8, m2, sc11
(with a 3,5 mm hook my horn was about 6,5 cm long, there is a rhythm after row 8 that you can easily recognize and that allows you to elongate and enlarge the horn as wide as you like)you might remember this beginning of a seahorse as well. I finally finished it, yay! pictures will follow in the next days.

I also started thinking about a new cardigan. I choose the blue silk/wool blend pictured here. I was first thinking about the golden yellow but prefer the blue now. It’s a single ply and winding it into a ball I immediately saw it’s not a good yarn to frog which means I cannot allow myself alot of trial and error with this cardigan. The issue is I only know that I want 3/4 sleeves and buttons. I want a back motif similar to Sylvie, but of course not Sylvie. And I have no idea about the cleavage – do I want one? a turtle neck? a low neckline? noooo idea!

before I forget, it would be cool to see what you make of the horn pattern, as I mentioned before I can imagine it in alot of different purposes like alien feet, bird beeks, tails?
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