the last two evenings I made swatches for the Razor Cami, I like this shirt alot and the fact that it needs no shaping made me tempt to start on this one. Also I figure it’s a good start to get back into my knitting tension since I didn’t made a knitting stitch since last august and I really want to finish my green fishnet stocking soon (but don’t dare to start on a difficult pattern without my normal knitting feeling).
Sooooo, after making my swatches and realizing I will need a 3mm needle to get gauge and thinking alot about the no-shaping thing and my hips I decided to use different needle sizes to have shaping without actually really shaping.
So I started on the ribbing with a 3.5mm needle and wanted to continue for a few inches of the lace pattern as well. It looked very small and so I tried it on and even though the ribbing stretches enormously the lace pattern looks really fine. And so I decided that I will do shaping, the pattern itself actually screams for some shaping, it won’t be very hard to do only a few decreases before and after the YOs and increasing again when shaping the bust section.
Also I need to mention that I altered the lace stitch in this pattern. It calls for a sl-k2tog-psso and I didn’t like the right leaning of the loops with my yarn so I changed it to a sl2-k1-p2sso (slip 2 at a time and also passing the 2sts over together), this way I have a loop that is in the middle and on top of the decreases. Love it