I didn’t crochet much the last two days, I had a lot to do at work.
But still I got something to post today cause when searching my stash yesterday for a nice pale gray or even white (for a new lion) Rüdiger fell into my hands again. Rüdiger, another WIP or actually an UFO is a hermit crab. Rüdiger was born between christmas and new years last year and was living in my stash since then. The only problem is, Rüdiger is blind, I never could figure out a way to give him the cutest eyes he deserved and desired.
And since I try to be a good mommy I gave him food and love and home, only eyes were a problem, still. Nevertheless a cupple of days ago watching another episode of Spongebob Squarepants and taking interested looks at Mr Crabs it hit me, so simple but still very cute.
Rüdiger would no longer be a blind crabby, he will see, the world, with all its beauty.
Rüdiger will have eyes, finally.

eyes like these

and attaching these eyes to his head is in the very near future . . . I can feel it