I finished the back of my Sylvi! and already started the fronts =)

yesterday I also sew a nose to a little new amigurumi I started on the train to Hannover: a fox, isn’t it adorable? still blind and no legs but sniffing it looks cute!

and I have holidays!!!, four full weeks filled with nothing else but knitting, crocheting, cooking and eating and sleeping late. It’s also winter and I could tell that even clearer after I read some of the blogs I subscribed to. Snowflakes everywhere!

I also made one – a virtual one. (while waiting for the dye process to finish on my hair)

snowdays is a cool site to create greating cards with a selfmade snowflake on it.

This is mine:

If you want to put it to paper it’s also a good way of testing your cuts before making them / before it’s too late. (btw. instructables posted a nice tutorial on paper snowflakes)