oh boy, what happened to flickr? I’m not sure whether I like the new design.. anyways another month went by, and in May I picked up the challenge to post a picture a day again. Haven’t done this for 5 or 6 weeks I almost forgot that it’s actually a lot of fun. I always try to take the picture the day of the specific challenge, which makes me see life a little more open-eyed and also it’s like a little diary. Did you write diaries when you were little? I used to, but never sticked to it for longer than a few weeks. I also felt a little weird writing : “dear diary today nothing spectacular happened” growing up quite a lot of days were normal average fun days, but not SPECTACULAR!!, you know what I mean? Now I write a diary again, and always try to only write one little sentence, the first thing that comes to my mind when I lay in bed and think about the day that just ends. This is a lot easier and I realize that life doesn’t need to be spectacular, it is the small things that make a life unique

so my pictures in may:

1. I bought this!: raspberries, soooo yumm! I’m glad we finally reached the warmer months of the year and berries in all shapes and sizes are available on the market

May 1: I bought this .. #raspberry .. #fmsphotoaday

2. Morning ritual: breakfast .. usually I eat my cereal, and do you see the spoon? it’s the same spoon I learned eating with when I was little, I love this spoon

May 2: morning ritual .. #breakfast .. #fmsphotoaday

3. This is really good!: pasta! even better pasta with freshly made pesto genovese


4. In my cup: iced coffee with cream, mucho crema, yumm!


5. Paper: post its

May 5: paper .. #fmsphotoaday

6. Broken: while working I drive through eastern germany and today I spend my lunch break wandering around, seeing this tree in the front clearly broken I couldn’t stand but not taking a picture. This one is not filtered or edited, the colors are original, isn’t the color scheme kinda like a Burton movie?

May 6: broken #tree .. #fmsphotoaday

7. Something beginning with F: being in Leipzig for a big congress, on the way into town I came across this wall art, is it graffiti when it’s clearly painted?

May 7: something beginning with F .. #flower graffiti .. #fmsphotoaday

8. Shape: round, a mac blush, an orange one to celebrate springtime

May 8: shape .. #round .. #fmsphotoaday

9. A snack: during the congress one of the healthier snacks was one of the bananas from one of the other counters

May 9: snack .. #banana .. #fmsphotoaday

10. Stars: seems like I didn’t see any

11. A smile: me 🙂 .. or rather a cartoonist drew a picture of me during the congress

May 11: a smile .. my #smile .. #fmsphotoaday

12. Mother: mothers day!!! since I wasn’t with my mom this sunday, I was thinking quite a bit about this one (plus I think my mom wouldn’t enjoy a picture of herself on the internet) than I came across this peanuts comic strip .. perfect

May 12: mother .. #fmsphotoaday

13. Sunrise/Sunset: evening sun in Tempelhof/Berlin

May 13: sunrise/sunset .. in #Berlin .. #fmsphotoaday

14. Need: food, it doesn’t need to be healthy all the time but bananas, milk and blueberries are a wonderful combination

May 14: need .. a #good #breakfast .. #fmsphotoaday

15. 7 o’clock: me, still a little wrinkly fresh out of bed .. obviously it’s been very early, I managed to foresee the future, it still was the 15th

May 17: 7 o'clock .. #tired but #sunny .. #fmsphotoaday

16. Mailbox: I meant to take a picture of one of the yellow mailboxes in Berlin, but I never managed to actually do it

17. Season: oregano and spring meet each other

May 17: season .. #oregano meets #spring .. #fmsphotoaday

18. Want: a BBQ .. with my BF in Ulm

May 18: want .. #BBQ .. #fmsphotoaday

19. My favourite view: a good sunset, I love the clouds in all shades of pinks, oranges and reds, so so good

May 19: my favorite view .. #sunset .. #fmsphotoaday

20. Light: still being in Ulm, looking up at the sun behind a cloud

May 20: light .. in #Ulm .. #fmsphotoaday

21. I care about this…: a little message between me and sweetheart, we share humor

May 21: I care about this .. #U .. #fmsphotoaday

22. Change: the whole day I’ve been thinking about things that could change.. until in the late evening I bought something and my change also included the new changed 5€ bill, it still feels and looks wrong, not like real money

May 22: change .. the 5€ #changed its look .. #fmsphotoaday

23. PJs: well .. I don’t usually wear any, soo..

24. Go: the typical traffic light in Berlin, the little guy used to be the traffic light guy in former eastern germany, now some traffic lights still get to have their (much more loved) old/new traffic light guy, cute!

May 24: go .. #fmsphotoaday

25. Us: a picture from Ulm, I’m having a little fun .. he wasn’t aware of this picture until now ^__^

May 25: us .. and me making fun .. #fmsphotoaday

26. Fave thing to do on Sunday: cuddle in bed, breakfast would be awesome too, but someone would need to get up and prepare one

May 26: favorite thing to do on a Sunday .. #cuddle in bed .. #fmsphotoaday

27. Can’t live without: fun!! .. (and m&m’s too)

May 27: can't live without .. #fun .. #fmsphotoaday

28. What you’re doing now: I went swimming in one of the lokal indoor swimming pools

May 28: what you're doing now .. going #swimming .. #fmsphotoaday

29. Kiss: isn’t this cute? the new menthos edition wants kissable breath

May 29: kiss .. #fmsphotoaday

30. Tool: chopsticks, I ordered sushi for dinner

May 30: tool .. #fmsphotoaday

31. Four things: eating out of town .. the appetizer included fresh bread, cream, salt and a knife

May 31: 4 things .. on the #table .. #fmsphotoaday

I hope you’re having a totally awesome June, see you all soon, Diana