more scorpion, you guessed right, my poisonous pal is a scorpion (of course, the sting was unmistakable)
now scorpi has got claws as well, it only needs a couple of legs and eyes and a NAME. people are making suggestions on my flickr and ravlery pages, but so far it didn’t really struck me, a name that said, ‘Hy my name is (place apropriate name here) and I am a poisonous but huggable scorpion‘, do you know what I mean?
normally I look at my new creature and it automatically says it’s name to me, but with scorpi it’s somewhat different. maybe due to the fact I posted on it before it’s finished, and it couldn’t tell me it’s name because (of course) it’s got no face yet


**still thinking on names**

and some more christmas presents arrived :o)

new yummi batts

lovely orange with dark greens

and delicious blackberry with fine pink shades


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