I just read this article in the new issue of twist collective. It’s about how some knitters (I don’t say knitters in general, although the article does, cause I never did) only seem to knit for their relatives and friends and never for themselves. Well I never did, don’t know why cause I wanted to, I often see a pattern and think it would be perfect for my friend Anne or this is the most gorgious mittens, perfect for my mom, but I never happened to actually start knitting for others. Maybe I’m selfish and early realized my time schedule doesn’t have enough hours to knit and crochet for me and for others, so I never did or maybe I’m just selfish and think people will not appreciate my hard work, I dunno. But this year is sorta different: I already made bookmarks as xmas gifts.
And to not get tooo non-selfish and generous I will start this beautiful coat of the winter issue of tc: Sylvi

Isn’t it just a masterpiece of knitting? Yesterday I spent the afternoon in re-designing the back so I can wear it as a cardigan. I only need a swatch and therefore I’m buying new needles this afternoon.