#pictureaday challenge

Nikon d5100_my new toy

my new camera, a Nikon D5100 (don’t know if its the same name all around the globe, sorry) — I’ve been drooling on this baby for a couple of months now. I like my old Nikon, it works like a dream but I wanted to upgrade and I wanted something that could film too. I planed a few tutorials on film and I’m attending a few weddings at the moment and taking pictures is super, but to have the “I do” on tape is just a tad nicer ^__^ I checked reviews on all sorts of cameras but always came back to this one, finally I needed to decide between a Nikon and its equivalent by Canon, but counting in my very first little camera was a Nikon and I already had at least one objective I went for the Nikon. But to finally buy it took a few more months to go by, after all it’s quite a lot of money. The first pictures I took with it were the food pics of yesterdays post. The D5100 has got plenty of special effects and I used the “food mode”, I do like the pictures but will need to play around a lot more, there are just so many possibilities.