hmm, no internet for me this last month, or nearly no internet at all. What did I do instead? I moved! or sorta like that, I moved all the furniture around im my flat which was quite an adventure. I looked through so much stuff, I didn’t even knew I had. The result of that was a very serious clean out. A lot of books went on amazon, a lot of yarn to my friends and on ravelry, some of my shelf to goodwill and so on. The planing and actual doing took a lot of time and there still is some things left to do. I’m still waiting for my new bed and need to sew a few curtains for my bookshelves, now that they moved within the room they’re more in view and make things a little restless for the eyes. Well a few things to go. Also I got sick, plus on this I had a few more days to sort things around at home and look through my stuff, downside, I was sick.

also I started a new shawl. Three times. It’s the stripe study shawl by Veera Välimäki. I choose a cotton/silk blend, which feels lovely and will make an awesome spring/summer shawl. I started three times though as the garter stitch the pattern originally went for just doesn’t look good with my yarn (upper left in the pic below). Learned, checked, frogged and re-started with stockinette. A lot better, buuut, yes there’s a but, my needle size was too small. The stockinette looked alright but after a few repeats I calculated a bit and my shawl would have been tiny, maybe only one length of my arm. Also looking at the stockinette I wished for more texture and I figured I could try a ribbing. Which is what I’m doing right now.

and here a little peek at my current try, so far I really like it, ribbing and a bigger needle size make this a lot more pleasing:

what’s going in your lives right now? anyone moving as well?

have a lovely sunday, Diana