indeed life is crazy. I’ve found a pin the other day saying something like “even if this summer was full of worries and troubles it might still be the best summer of your life” and this fits my last months just perfectly.
the boyfriend chaos – then I got quiet. – a little soul left my life
all in all these last weeks have taught me a lesson. One that you hear so often, one that is so clear.

Life is short. Do what you want to do and don’t wait until there is the perfect moment. Just go for it.
And with this I started to go for it, to do it instead of plan and wait for it. I started to search for a new flat. A bigger one, I’ve always dreamt of a big dinner table or two big sofas in the middle of the living room and a wardrobe big enough it can manage cloths for more than one person. So I’ve started looking for it.
I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, the Highlands. I’m not the worlds craziest traveling person and I believe there are plenty of places that are worth seeing, I’ve just never felt the need to go. Except for the green fields of Scotland. I decided to go. I took a week off of work (next week) and I started to search for traveling options until I found that it’s the end of october. It’s almost winter.
I plan to go next spring/summer. I will do it. Before this past summer Scotland was nothing more than a dream, now it’s a plan. A plan for next year.
I still have this week off and searched for other vacation options. My boyfriend is working so I will be going alone. And will I do? I will do nothing but sleeping, eating, knitting. It will be the most relaxing week I’ve had this year. It will give me time to think – time to breathe. I’m going to the baltic sea, Rügen in case you know it. It’s sort of like my old home and this will just add to the relaxation.
Other than that, in case you follow me on instagram, there was a bit of eating, quite a bit of journaling (I’ve had a lot to write) and reading. Only during the last 3 weeks my knitting mojo woke up again.
Here are a few impressions:


So now with all these past weeks in my head I’m taking care of myself, I do what I want to do, I try not to wait but actually do it. I often need to remind me of this one fact: life is short. But after all I believe I will be a stronger woman than I was before.
see you soon, Diana