a dark cloud on the horizon?

I really hope not. I was just thinking and wondering if maybe, only maybe knitting something with snails might be the reason why I’m still waiting for my new knitting needles to arrive. I ordered them at the 21st last month and they were supposed to be shipped the very next day so I believe they already should be here – but they are not. Snails? Really snaily snail mail? ugh.
I’m also waiting for new yarn to arrive, I plan to knit a new Liesl on my train rides next week (going to a congress in munich and spending the following weekend at the first german raveler meeting, so excited!), I love that pattern and started one when my Sylvi was blocking but I used an acrylic yarn that would not handle the lacy pattern at all and so I put it away, I must show you a pic though (I still haven’t frog that one) cause I think I never mentioned it here before. In case you like to know the colorway I ordered even before I get to see them: I’m waiting for a 100 % merino 10 ply to arrive. Same yarn I used for my Sylvi (it wears great, no pilling wonderful touch to the skin) and you can choose from app. 200 solid colors and even create your own yarn when mixing some solid strands into a thicker yarn. I mixed the ones below to create a warm reddish tone and a cooler green, so that makes two Liesls for me =^__^=
(I think I choose the upper red/yellow combination, because the one in the middle didn’t had the yellow available at the moment, but both look pretty, hope they do too when they arrive here)

Oh and before I forget, a picture of my snail swatch blocked and dry, it’s pretty huge but I’m glad it turned out a good size so I won’t need to re-chart anything to fit my cardi design.

sketch for sylvi

instead of sitting down and start crying now that I frogged my Sylvi I decided to distract myself, but what to do? no yarn to start Sylvi again, enough yarn to start another wip, but another wip means to have one more wip and one more wip is having less time for the other wips, and I really plan on finishing Sylvi as soon as possible. So I sat down and was thinking a little more on the cardigan idea, read some rav entries on it and made a sketch on what I plan my cardigan to look like.I changed the sleeves again to be more airy (I remembered on the beautiful sleeves of my cleaves) and also made some sketches on the neck, high victorian collar.

cleaves close up

I also have some custom orders to finish so maybe this whole thing of not being “able” to knit is sort of good, enough time to crochet turtle legs and shells.