I need a new woman suit and the search for it in stores was a disaster: I wanted something flattering with a knee long skirt that is not too tight, a lovely A-line and I wanted something that didn’t made me look like my mom. What I found was: only black, or only with throusers or only with pencil skirts (I wonder who invented these, I don’t know any woman who can wear these proundly AND look good). And in the last store I finally found a skirt that I liked, only thing: it was white. Well … hm … I can dye it, when I find a matching jacket, I can simply dye it. And what should I say I found a matching jacket, same fabric, both 100 % linen, both white.

So right now skirt and jacket are in the washing machine running the first cicle:

I choose a brown color – it’s classic but not too elderly and it will have contrasting seams since the sewing thread typically is polyester and won’t take the dye. The lining of the jacket was white too and will stay white as well. I believe I will replace the white buttons, but need to have a look at them when the jacket and skirt are finshed and dry again.


two hours and a normal washing cicle later:

the skirt is already dry and ironed while the jacket is still wet. I like the outcome of the color although I planed on a lighter version of the brown pictured on the dye package. And what really surprised me: the buttons have turned brown too! I think I will let them be where they are now. If they would have stayed completely white I would have replaced them with a contrasting color, maybe a nice moss green, but the light brown looks good.