The thing with self striping yarns is always the same, sooooooo beautiful in the skein or ball, the different colors match so perfect, you fall in love.

But then you start knitting and it looks only blah. At least that’s the thing with self coloring yarns and me.

I fall for them then I start to be dissapointed.
Not this time I thought. This time will be different. Because now I have an idea!

Hah! how stupid I was.

Well almost – because I had an idea and I still think it’s a good one.
When you knit with this kind of yarn and you mix it, let’s say stripes with a solid color, or fairisle style it can make these yarns the most adorable.

So I bought these more than beautiful balls of Amitola by Lousia Harding. I went with two skeins of blue-grey and two skeins of pink-brown. I wanted to make a hat and maybe some mittens. I had the idea of a tartan pattern. Last year I started with the blue-grey balls and totally didn’t make it. I got lost in the colors. And I believe I got distracted with other patterns as well.

So this year I started over.

I created a new tartan pattern

tartan – the pattern I wanted to go for

I started, I re-started as it was a bit more difficult to set up the pattern repeats than I thought.

1st try, the colors were good but I totally misscounted my increases

the second try – quite nice but not perfect

and last sunday I was sitting on my sofa, said hat on my lap and I didn’t feel satisfied.
I believe it was my stitch size, I believe I could easily go down a needle size.

And I was – I frogged the whole thing.

Also because I had this other idea in my mind. I didn’t feel like the tartan pattern did the yarn any justice. I wanted soft ice cream swirls on my hat / head :).
I had an idea and started – again

so far I’m really really in love with the swirls and how the color now pops and you can actually see the beauty that lies within.

like ice cream in winter 🙂 I really like

will keep you updated, Diana