I always liked the idea of these cute felt wine racks that hold 6 bottles but found their price a little too much when I believed it was an easy craft project. And since I’m cooking risottos and soups that require wine like crazy lately I use up quite a lot of white wine (I don’t drink any so I never felt the need for a wine rack before, but now I can see a use for it, at least for a small one)
tutorial - wine rack 1
and as it turns out the project was an easy one:

tutorial - wine rack 2
what you need
thick felt, paper for a pattern, a ruler, a cutter and chalk to transfer the pattern, and some yarn and a needle to sew everything together

tutorial - wine rack 3
first make a basic pattern on paper (you will use 13 cm/5″ for each bottle plus 1cm/o.5″ as seam allowance at each outer edge, so in this case: 1cm seam + 2 bottles (2x13cm) + 1cm seam; if you want to make it bigger just add 13cm for each bottle) – I found 17cm/6.75″ to be a good depth for the wine rack – in the end my pattern measured 28cm x 17cm – now just transfer the pattern to the felt using the chalk

tutorial - rack 4
cut four pieces of felt to the size of your pattern (two pieces of felt for each row of wine bottles) using the cutter and the ruler

tutorial - wine rack 5
mark the middle on every piece of felt and sew two pieces together, repeat until all felt pieces are used up

tutorial - wine rack 6
now mark the middle of the “wine sections” but don’t forget to add the seam allowance, I marked at 7.5cm from the outer edge in – sew together to make it look like this:
tutorial - wine rack 7

tutorial - wine rack 8
almost finished: mark the 1cm for the seam at the outer edge of the upper and lower felt pieces and sew together so it will look like the following picture:
tutorial - wine rack 9

the main idea of sewing everything together is to start in the very center of your wine rack to be able to reach every seam without breaking your fingers
you can easily adapt this pattern for wine racks that will hold 6 bottles or even 9 or 12 (3 rows of wine with 3 or 4 bottles)
and you don’t need to use thick felt if you can’t find any (I found mine on ebay) I believe a nice classic fabric that’s properly lined can make lovely wine racks as well, it just may take a little longer (it took me about 2 hours to finish my wine rack)

have fun, Diana