oi, didn’t play around here in a while and I got so much to show and tell you. I’m on vacation at the moment and knit like crazy, buy yarn like crazy and buy knitting books like crazy. I finished the tendrilous socks a while ago and am working on a pdf at the moment, so all of you can download the complete pattern with all its charts and directions, but I still need to take some pictures and show you how lovely they turned out (I made a picot BO with bigger picots – very neat). And I casted on a new project, the GreenGable-hoodie from Mari Muinonen / tikru, who also designed Sylvi and I made some little progress on my snailigan.

oh, and I got plans for two new colorwork pieces, maybe both will become vests, the first definitely will, I will call it “blossom” and it will have little and big flowers all over and I am going to Hamburg today to get some yarn. The other will be ocean themed, I started drawing and charting little fish and shells and waves and stuff, but still need some final ideas for it.