this is the weirdest thing I ever knit. I just finished (well I thought I did but I’m going to rip it out again), so I just “finished” my new stocking, within only one week – yeah, and I put it on and what do I see? and feel? the cuff is alot looser than the lace pattern of the leg. I know why the lace pattern is so tight, because there are tons and tons of twisted stitches in there but why the cuff doesn’t have any tightness to it is a mytery to me. I didn’t change needle size, I worked with the same tension (I actually thought the twisted ribbing would be even tighter than normal 1×1 ribbing) but obviously it’s not, mysterious!

So what is a knitter to do? rip it and decrease and start the cuff over, not that I feel loke this right now, but I will need to!

p.s. do you have an idea how to call these stockings? I’m reminded of wings, and am torn between something like mosquitos or birdy or something like that