well, when I feel well enough to actually not fall asleep every minute and keep my eyes open long enough, I shop online, I try to read, I search the internet for new cool things, whatever flows by me, I shop online.

Did I mention I shop online? this really kills my wallet every time I’m at home with a flu, I don’t really have a clue where my online shopaholism (is this even a word?) comes from but it’s only there when I’m ill at home that I find the need for so many new things. So far I’ve ordered new equipment to go with my new camera (a new crumpler camera bag, a lense, a book about photography) and I just stopped myself from ordering a, what we call a Friesennerz where I come from, which is basically a north german rain coat, a fancy one though. But WHEN does it actually happen that I step out into pouring rain? willing to face the pouring rain? without any umbrella? and enjoying it? Do you dance in the rain? I never, not on purpose.

oh and I search for new cool things, just one afternoon and I found bodyrock.tv. I need to try this even though it looks like pain. They also have a youtube channel which I already subscribed to.

And to compensate all the weight I will loose (because I will train so hard #wink, not really) I found out about crock pots, they might not be new to you, but they are to me. Slow cookers are not common in my country and even though I know slow cooking methods I didn’t know there were actually pots just for this one purpose. The page that brought me to crock pots was this article about no-knead bread in a cock pot btw.

what do you do when you are ill at home?