Help please. I’m totally confused and get more and more confused the longer I try to think about this one. I said I was thinking about snails last time because of some gorgeous mittens. Well these snails circled my thoughts the whole day and this makes me think I will knit a snaily cardigan!

But now I have a problem, a serious one, one that’s so typical for me, which version of my ideas shall I use? First the snails themselves. I created a smaller snail just like in the mittens (it’s not the original pattern since I don’t have the book they are in but I think I made a pretty good job in recharting them, even though I made some “error” in the neck area, but that doesn’t bother me much) and then I charted a bigger version of the snail to go with the smaller one – and there is my problem, I don’t know which bigger snail to use. They are only slightly different, I only made a little change to the shell but it’s visible clearly. Which one do you like better? the left or the right one?

And then there is the arrangement on the back. I started with the idea on the left: all snail facing the outside of the cardigan. But then I thought why not make them face the center? and it makes a completely different effect, especially on graph paper. The outside facing verion looks alot wider whereas the center facing version seemed to create a thinner looking garment. And to make my confusion complete I made the snails face each other, looks good too! What I was surprised of was that the huge effect that there was on graph paper melted alot when I put the snails into a cardigan sketch to give me a clearer idea of what I was going to do. You see – confusion everywhere. Which would you make?

jus a side note: is it fair isle if it’s working with 2 colors only and doesn’t use the typical geometric repetitive style