little accident just happened:

As you can see I started another mermaid, this time with a green tail, I think she will have brown hair maybe in a bun and brown eyes as well. And talking of green the green hook started to bend weeks ago and I knew it would break sooner or later, I actually was thinking of buying a new hook when I was in my LYS last week, just in case my hook would break sooner than I thought, but I guess for some weird reason I didn’t.
However I didn’t continue much on Gabrielle, instead I continued a bit at one of my critters, the monkey and I also finished two of my seahorses – but don’t worry Gabrielle will be finished soon, I just can’t decide right now on bra or not to bra, that is the question ;o)

But after this little accident I can’t crochet anything tonight because I need it to help me grab the yarn at smaller circumferences or smaller stitches such as those tight slip stitches, instead I might read a little or surf the internet. . .