sooo, the 12th window of my advent calendar opens today. Do you like the experience so far? How is Klara doing? Did you make any cookies so far? or tree ornaments? Like Santa, or last years tree or maybe snowman and gingerbread man

today window 12 will reveal the next part of my mystery KAL. I wear mine proud and happily 🙂 and I hope you will too. 

the first part of the KAL can be found here 

and now let’s continue: 

31 – k17, wt, p17, sM, p17, wt, k11, m1, k6 [76]
32 – k6, m1, k70 [77]
33 – k9, (m1, k15) x2, (m1, k14) x2, m1, k10 [82]
34 – k82 [82]
35 – k3, (m1, k19) x4, m1, k3 [87]
36 – k20, wt, p20, sM, p20, wt, k13, m1, k7 [88]
37 – k7, m1, k81 [89]
38 – k9, (m1, k17) x2, (m1, k18) x2, m1, k10 [94]
39 – k94 [94]
40 – k4, (m1, k21) x2, (m1, k22) x2, m1, k4 [99]
41 – k23, wt, p23, sM, p23, wt, k23 [99]


by now you probably guessed we are making a pointed hat. The Pixi. This version is the Sylvi Pixi as I call it. For the next couple of rounds please always k99 until your hat is long enough to cover the upper third of your ears. When you try it on, the marker should be at the back of your neck.
When your hat is long enough to easily cover the tops of your ears we’ll start the ribbing. And don’t pull too much, the pixi point will form better when you don’t pull the hat, just make it fit nicely.




special methods
I use another short row technique here. you pull the stitch across your needle to create a firmer stitch, that won’t leave holes. This pdf on socks shows you how to do the methods I’m referring to on a sock heel. I like this method a lot as I found it never leaves any holes for me. The pdf is in german and english.
As the turning point here will be in the last round you can switch to a short row technique of your choice.


but the ribbing goes like this:
1 – k1, *(p1, k2)* until 2 stitches before the marker, p1, k1
2 – [knit in established pattern till 4 stitches before the marker, turn with yoyo-method (see link above)] x2
3 – [knit in established pattern till 6 stitches before the marker, turn with yoyo-method (take care here, the wrapped stitch appears with two loops on your needle, only count as one)] x2
4 – [knit in established pattern till 8 stitches before the marker, turn with yoyo-method] x2
5 – [knit in established pattern till 10 stitches before the marker, turn with yoyo-method] x2
6 – [knit in established pattern till 12 stitches before the marker, turn with yoyo-method] x2
7 – [knit in established pattern till 14 stitches before the marker, turn with yoyo-method] x2
8 – now knit 1 round in pattern and knit all the wraps together, sM
9 – knit another round and knit the rest of the wraps together, I find these will be a little harder to identify, but if you count them, you’ll never forget one
10 – bind off round – I like the italian bind off very much and would recommend this method. If you prefer another bind off, please feel free to do that method. In case you want to do the italian bind off, do like follows:
10a – go down one needle size to 4 mm – knit all the knit stitches and slip all the purl stitches with yarn n front
10b – (slip 1 knit stitch with yarn in back [=skwyb], p1 into the bar between the two knit stitches [= increase], skwyb, p1) repeat til end
now you basically created a k1/p1 ribbing from the former k2/p1 ribbing, this will make it easier to finish the bind off
please watch this video on the bind off itself, it will help explain the sewing technique a lot and this one was actually the first one that made me understand grafting. Cut yarn approx 4 times longer than the circumference of your hat and start grafting after you put the purl and knit stitches on two separate DPNs.


Now let’s take a break for today, this was exhausting! don’t you think?
Next time we will add the Sylvi touch to this hat ^__^


see you tomorrow, meanwhile I’m eating cookies and wait for snow


oh btw this KAL has a pattern page on ravelry now too 🙂