how is the first clue of Klara going on? everything working out fine so far?

before we continue on our little fishy friend I want to squeeze in some Holiday decoration. I made another tree ornament for you ^__^
it’s a teeny santa with beard and big fat nose, guess he will smell where the cookies and milk are hidden.


with a E hook / 3.5 mm santa will be about 3 inches high / 7-8 cm

what do we need?
red, white and face colored yarn, a matching hook, a second one that’s a little smaller is very handy too, but not necessary and a tiny piece of dark brown to embroider some eyes

before we get started – some abbreviations:
sc – single crochet
slst – slip stitch
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
B3 – a bobble made from 3dc
m2 – short for make two in one stitch (normally refers to sc)
m2(hdc) – make two hdc in 1 stitch
m2(dc) – make two dc in 1 stitch
sc2tog – classic decrease

where’s the pattern?
right here: ^__^

1_ make a double ring with sc5
2_ sc4, m2
3_ sc1, m2, sc2, m2, sc1
4_ m2, slst4, m2, m2(hdc) x2
5_ sc8, m2, sc2, m2
6_ sc1, slst6, sc1, m2, hdc4, m2
7_ sc3, m2 x2, sc5, m2, sc2, m2, sc2
8_ sc1, slst10, sc2, m2(hdc), hdc3, m2(hdc), sc2
9_ sc3, m2, sc4, m2, sc12, slst1 (make this slst with face color)
face color
10_ back loops only: sc24
11_ both loops again: (sc7, m2) x3
12_ sc17, B3, sc8, slst1 (make this slst woth red again)
13_ back loops only: sc4, (m2, sc8) x2, m2, sc4
[cut face color yarn ends and tie a knot inside of santa]
14_ both loops again: sc30
15_ (sc9, m2) x3
16_ sc33
17_ sc5, (m2, sc10) x2, m2, sc5
18_ (sc11, m2) x3
20_ sc39
21_ (sc2tog, sc11) x3
22_ sc2, (sc2tog, sc4) x5, sc2tog, sc2
23_ (sc2tog, sc3) x6
24_ (sc2, sc2tog) x6
25_ (sc2tog, sc1) x6
stuff properly
26_ sc2tog x6
BO with a slst


attach white at first front loop of round 10 (see the picture above, the white arrow pointing to the red round of loops) – now let’s use those front loops
– sc3, (m2, sc7) x2, m2, sc4
close round with a slst and BO, hide and secure yarn ends inside of santa


attach white at first front loop of round 13 (see the picture above, the white arrow pointing to the face colored round of loops)
1_ sc4, m2, sc6, m2, hdc2, [m2(dc), dc2] x2, m2(dc), hdc2, m2, sc3
2_ sc14, hdc2, [dc1, m2(dc)] x4, dc1, hdc2, sc6
BO with a slst
hide and secure yarn ends inside of santa and decorate a tree with him


p.s. did you make last years tree ornaments too? let me know 🙂

hohoho, I want some cookies now, Diana

a little note on copyright:
– all my patterns will be available for free from now on (one after the other I will update this site to add all patterns I made so far)
– all my patterns will be posted on the blog in text form (this will take a few weeks until everything is up here, but will come
– it is not allowed to copy any text from this pattern to another website (please read here for further information)
– if you see any part of this pattern on another website please leave me a message
– thanks a lot
– I will start to provide PDF versions again as well sometime soon
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