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lovely, right?

during the past weeks I didn’t do much, I had some problems with my back and cervical spine and couldn’t sit long enough to knit or crochet. I painted though, those of you who follow me on facebook could watch my painting getting finished. I loved working with oil colors again since I didn’t touch a brush for a couple of years, and this painting will definitely not be the last.
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I didn’t finish my bear amigurumi project, but I made wings for him, so it’s still on my to do list.
I also knitted a few rows (like 10 or so) on a stole I’m working on, it’s the high seas stole by Kieran Foley, but this project starts to bore me, it “forces” me to repeat 40 rows for 9 times, I’m half through the 8th repeat now and it really doesn’t yell for more at the moment, I start to feel like this is more a summer stole than a winter one so the urge to finish is getting small too.
I love the pattern itself though, the waves so much remind me of home that I get a little homesick.

I do want to knit though and started a pullover today, I love these pullovers with a “waterfall” collar or whatever they’re called at the moment, you know those pullovers with wide and really loose turtlenecks that drape around your necks like cowls. Want to include a lovely lace pattern from one of Barbara Walkers Treasury books.

christmas pullover

so long I wish you all a lovely run-up to Christmas, I sure hope to blog one or two post