shame on me! I need to admit something. I found even more WIPs. Do you believe me when I say I wasn’t aware these things even existed? Please do so, I hid them so well I couldn’t remember they were there. But the minute I posted my last WIP Wednesday I saw them. Sleeping in one of my boxes. In a project bag. A project bag which you could call a WIP by it self – I never finished the seams:


And this bag I found:

the victim of sss – second sock syndrome. Green Fishnet stockings almost finished, but only almost. Pattern was from vogue knitting. I remember I liked the knit but didn’t liked the non-ease of the resulting fabric. Maybe that’s why I never finished my very first pair of socks. Started in August 2007. whoosh that’s so much time that passed.


a summer top that never happened to be. Started in 2008. Left to be forgotten. Makes me sad. The pattern was lovely. I made some changes to this as I wanted real straps instead of the i-cord ones that the pattern came with. One important modification was knitting the pattern back and forth instead of in the round which was giving me severe headaches back in the days. I guess nowadays changing a simple stitch pattern such as this one would be so much easier for me. I’ve learned so much during the last years.


and then there is something I don’t even remember what it was intended to be. I believe I wanted to make gaiters to wear during winter as I never could find proper boots but obviously these were never finished.


And already frogged as well. And a little magic happened while frogging, I found a needle I’ve been searching for for ages. Literally ages!

In another box I stored the front of a vest. Blossom. It was my first really big fair-isle knit and one that was making me practice weaving in the strands as I go, even when knitting on the wrong side. I don’t like steeking and never ever ever will do so. Cutting knitting equals killing it for me, so I found a way to knit fair-isle both ways. I knew there was a way and I found one. I still like the pattern I created back then but the color combination and even more important the need for a vest just disappeared. I don’t wear vests and guess I won’t in the future.


All of the WIPs above will be frogged sooner or later so I guess they don’t count as WIPs per se but I wanted to give a little credit to them anyways.


now let’s move on to the WIPs I wrote about last time.

Ginkgo grew quite a bit. I’m almost done with the first half and love the yarn/color/stitch combination so far. This will be a well loved shawl/cowl when done.

#knitting on a new cowl, I'm loving the yarn, the sheen of the #merino is amazing

Also I made some progress on Klara. The mermaid got a new head. A smaller – better fitting/proportioned one. And a new nose too! The first one was reminding me of a witch and mermaids are too cute to have witch noses. Now I’m thinking about ears or no ears and the idea for her hair that I have in my mind is a little challenging.


hugs, Diana

oh, and even worse I have a hat in my head that wants to be knitted. Do I need a new hat? a rusty red one? with a cable and some seed stitch?