Ginkgo grows on and on. I finished the first half and bound off, now I’m working on the second part of my shawl. So far I really like it. Unblocked as it is right now I think it could be a bit longer, but nonetheless I like it a lot. Progress percentage I’d say is 60%.


On other news, I didn’t start any new WIPs. Yeah me! But, I’m pretty excited. Just a few hours ago I had the idea for my next hat. A few posts back I was wondering whether I needed a new winter hat or not. Whether a new rusty red hat would fit my life, and you probably guessed it right .. OFCOURSE I will need a new hat, winter will come and it will be cold, my ears would want warmth. But the exciting idea I’m having is a “Sylvi Pixie” hat. You might remember my sylvi cardigan and this hat will match it perfectly. The seed stitch and cable pattern I was wondering to add to my hat turned into vines and leaves I’m happy ^__^