Framed – October 2016, the happy halloween edition

So happy Halloween!!

October was mainly rainy, a few good marvellous days of sun in-between. Overall a good month. Well actually a very good month. . .


I made egg salad with avocado! it’s the best, imagine a guacamole-egg-salad-sandwich, just the idea must make your mouths water. If not I believe there is something seriously wrong with you. Naaah just kidding, everyone can eat what they like 🙂

Pumpkindle – the pattern – a halloween amigurumi doll

it’s October which means leaves are falling, crisp under your feet, pumpkins are big and ready to be loved. Soups, baked with some rosemary from the oven, carved, lanterns – anything goes.

So does this little fellow, still some leaves on his head and a bright smile on his face Pumpkindle is ready to have a party.

Cute and quick crochet, just in time for Halloween.

FO – #pumpkindle a halloweeny amigurumi doll

a new doll 🙂

the first in ages, that I actually finished. And you know what – I love it. I used the last rainy weekend to make it. Had the idea for a Pumpkin-amigurumi-doll in my mind for a few days already and the last weekend made it happen.

Right now I’m also typing down the pattern, I hope to be able to put it up this weekend, so you can make one too. He’s just so freaking cute!