catania in taupe

because of a fennel gratin

Because of a fennel gratin I’m now crocheting monochrome.

While grocery shopping on Saturday I was surprised to find no veggies besides fennel. Seems like I was there on a totally wrong time and the only things left was a bag of moist and old green beans and fennel. So I bought fennel and tomatoes, I guessed fennel and tomatoes would go nicely with each other. Turned out they did. Baked with cheese and potatoes we had a yummy Sunday lunch. So two things learned: a) stick to grocery shopping in the morning and b) fennel is good.

Framed – January 2016

like 5 or 6 days ago I didn’t think I would do my usual “framed” series this month. I felt like with being sick at home, in bed, for almost two and a half weeks and more or less no knitting or anything else to tell I wouldn’t have anything to write about.
And yes, I don’t really have a lot to tell when I think about the first 25 days of this month. Just a little working, feeling sick and ultimately staying in bed.


this page will include all the abbreviations I use in my patterns.
As I plan to make ALL my patterns availably for free during the next months I want to share the abbreviations here, so you can look them up at any time if you need them.
A little disclaimer before we start, I use a rather “unusual” way of writing my crochet patterns. If you are used to knitting patterns this will look very well known to you – but in case you were only crocheting until now, this will look rather strange at first sight. I’m aware of this fact but was sticking to my way of writing things as it made it soo much easier (and shorter) to describe where to increase/decrease. You will find every stitch listed were it’s made.