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On new years resolutions – UFO busting in 2017 – part 1

Usually I’m not a big fan of New Years resolutions and I would not like to say I have some this year, but there is a plan for my knitting. Maybe two or three weeks ago I felt like making another cardigan, a red one, I think I’ve mentioned the plan before. However just having finished my Herbert Niebling blanket (Eichenlaub) which took like 5.5 years from cast on to bind off I realised I enjoy that “finish object high” – don’t you do too?

So, instead of casting on new stuff I decided it’s about time to bust that UFOs that are hiding in boxes behind sofas.

I will definitely also make new stuff, in my instagram feed there is a designer who just shared a hat

on the ups and downs of designing

I’m high. High on knitting. Do you know this feeling? when you knit and knit and feel happy and smile and what you see in your hands gives you joy?

It’s happening right now, here on my sofa. Usually this feeling gets me when I frogged something and re-knit it, as I know the second time it will be better, will be what I actually want.

With this new hat I’m making I frogged it four times altogether, two times on each side, knitting it six times. “sides” might sound a bit weird right now. I’m working on a new design which is constructed as

of hiding spaces and ufos

I have found some yellow yarn in a corner.

in case you follow me on instagram you may have seen this cardigan. But you never saw it finished. I never wrote a FO post here, I never posted it anywhere. I was not happy with its outcome.
I ran out of yarn a little too early and the nice band I had in mind was never wide enough. I couldn’t find a proper way to wear it, hence it never made it to its full glory and at this very moment lives in my closet, a little sad, I guess.

FO – #pumpkindle a halloweeny amigurumi doll

a new doll 🙂

the first in ages, that I actually finished. And you know what – I love it. I used the last rainy weekend to make it. Had the idea for a Pumpkin-amigurumi-doll in my mind for a few days already and the last weekend made it happen.

Right now I’m also typing down the pattern, I hope to be able to put it up this weekend, so you can make one too. He’s just so freaking cute!

Frosting – a hat pattern

so this fair isle pattern really walked a long road, read about it here and here

But now it’s finished and I’m in love. Maybe you will fall in love as well, as who would not love a good portion of frosting?
nice soft cream gently swirling, but wait – it’s not swirling around a good cupcake, it’s wrapping your hat.

This pattern is fantastic for all those self coloring/striping yarns with a long color repeat. I’ve used the same color way twice, it’s Lousia Hardings Amitola yarn in color way 113.